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We offer worldwide Roro and Container shipping services from Miami, Forida. We ship Cars, Vans, Boats, Buses, Trucks, Tractors, Coaches, Heavy Machinery, Plant and Agricultural Machinery.

Car shipping overseas

Sims, Waters & Associates moves thousands of vehicles per year overseas from the Miami Florida and other USA ports to Europe, African Countries like Nigeria and Ghana, South & Central America, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. Whether we are shipping cars, classic cars, Mack trucks, motorcycles, RV's or motor homes, we can ship it. We handle all the paperwork for you.

Please contact a member of our team by phone 904 356-4455 or email for car shipping rates from Miami, Forida worldwide.

Customers, who use our freight shipping services, using our freight shipping services again and again.
Sims, Waters & Associates, Inc. is licensed, bonded and C-TPAT certified.

RoRo Shipping from Miami, Forida

RoRo shipping overseasRo-Ro (Roll-on Roll-off) is a fast and convenient method of shipping vehicles worldwide from Miami, Forida. RORO shipping is the most prefered and usually the cheapest metod when it comes shipping your car overseas. If you need to ship international oversized wheeled cargo, such heavy trucks, trailers, cranes, excavators, railway carriages etc., using a RO-RO seafreight carrier is the only one solution for your international ocean freight shipment.
Please contact a member of our staff for RoRo Shipping Rates from Miami, Florida.

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Container Shipping from Miami, Florida

Container shipping overseasThe Container method offers a secure and safer way of shipping cars and other vehicles from Miami, Florida. Sims, Waters uses the following sizes of ocean containers: 20’, 40’ and 45’ in length. We also offer container loading and lashing service at port alternatively the containers can be delivered to the client's address for loading.

Please contact a member of our staff for RoRo Shipping Rates from Miami, Florida.

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