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Marine Insurance - Peace of Mind

We always recommend our clients and customers insure their cargo. This recommendation is not based on the possibility that something may happen to your cargo. We recommend this because international shipping goes hand in hand with possible risks even though they are very unlikely. The steamship lines take very good care of your merchandise. Unfortunate circumstances do arise though with cargo ships being damaged.

Is the carrier responsible for any damage to my cargo?

The shipper sending the cargo to a specific destination often assumes that the carrier is responsible for transporting the cargo in perfect condition, or compensation if the cargo is somehow damaged. 

Relying on the coverage offered by the carrier is not enough. The steamship lines do not carry cargo insurance to cover the value of your vehicle. We recommend that you purchase Marine insurance. The cost will depend on the value of your shipment. Carriers limit their liability to $500 per unit.

How much does Marine Insurance cost?

It depends what you are shipping, the value of the unit, and the destination it is going to. Please fill out the quote request form or call 1-904-356-4455 to get exact cost of your cargo insurance.

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