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Leading freight forwarder in shipments to West Africa

Sims, Waters and Associates is a leading freight forwarder in shipments to West Africa.

Some of our busiest and most popular African ports are Lagos, Nigeria / Cotonou, Benin / Lome, Togo/ Dakar, Senegal and Tema, Ghana.

We will first contact you over email with your formal quote with information for your closest accepting port for your vehicle to ship from. If you are interested in our company also assigning a driver to pick up your unit from its current location and delivering it to your closest accepting port, we can arrange that too! For a transportation quote, we recommend you send us the zip code for the unit's current location.

We will also ask in our quote if you would be interested in a Total Loss C- Clause Marine Insurance. This would protect your unit in case it is deemed a total loss by: fire/explosion, vessel sinking/ capsizing/ grounding or stranding. The Total Loss C- Clause Marine Insurance starts as low as $75 for a vehicle valued under $15,000. Please contact our office for an official Marine Insurance Quote and additional information on what it would cover.

After you confirm your quote, we will send you our Booking Packet to fill out and send back to us, as well as send you the list of required documentation to ship your unit. When you send us all of the information back, we can begin your booking and dock receipt.

If at any time, you have questions on you shipment, you can reach us by phone or by email to talk to a shipping professional. We have a friendly, informed staff to assist you every step of the way!

Once your dock receipt is complete, we will have our driver deliver your unit if we are setting up transportation. Once the driver delivers, we will notify you that your unit is delivered, and will send you the tentative schedule for your unit to load and sail.

If you are taking the unit to port yourself, we will send you an email containing all of the port requirements and necessary documentation for you to deliver smoothly.

After the vessel sets sail with your unit on board, our staff will send you your Draft Bill of Lading. We recommend you look it over to make sure all information is correct. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us!

Typically two days after receiving the Draft Bill of Lading, you will receive your invoice from out company along with a detailed Payment Procedure Guide to make payment.

Once payment has been sent in, our team will work on your requested release type. If you have any questions on the best release option, please contact our staff. We will assist with choosing your best release option. Once the release is sent to you, you will need to contact your Clearing Agent to assist with the Customs Clearance of your vehicle.

We look forward to assisting you with your RORO vehicle shipping to West Africa!

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