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Preparing your vehicle for shipping

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Follow these important steps whether shipping your car, truck, RV or motorcycle. Make sure that your vehicle is operable and safe.

Be sure that your vehicle is clean and empty. Or advise our office if unit is a non-runner.

We require the following to safely load and unload your vehicle:

  • One set of ALL keys for the vehicle;

  • ¼-tank of gas;

  • At least four inches (4") of ground clearance;

  • Driver's door and window in proper working condition;

  • Battery secure in the mounting bracket;

  • Working brakes, and emergency brake if manual transmission;

  • No fluid leaks; and

  • Please let us know of any modifications made to your vehicle, such as 4x4 lift kits, lowered suspensions, camper tops, and so on.

  • Hood and trunk must open and close

Remove the following:

  • Unmounted radios, CD or cassette decks, and car phones;

  • Garage door openers, gate openers, and toll tag passes;

  • Personal belongings, with the exception of standard vehicle items, such as a jack and spare tire;

  • All non-permanent luggage, bike, and ski racks; and

  • All exterior spare tire, grill, and car covers.

Be sure that your vehicle is ready for its new home. Prepare your vehicle for the weather and climate in its destination. This may include anything from engine coolant to snow tires. A licensed mechanic will be able to tell you more.

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